Potty mouth

Years ago when I first was married, we lived in a tiny duplex with a patch of yard. We had just gotten our first dog as a couple and were trying very hard to potty-train the fluff ball.

Next to our patch of lawn was a fence, and a business on the other side with construction goings-on.

Every morning & evening, one of us would take the fluff outside on a leash to the patch of yard and demand “Potty, Dog! Potty!” over and over again.

One morning, dog seemed to start to get it. Dog was sniffing, dog was circling. I kept commanding “Potty!”. Just as dog lifts his teeny leg to go… *BAM!!*

Imagine our surprise to find a newly placed porta-potty just on the other side of our fence… And a grumpy construction worker loudly exiting that porta-potty, who didn’t appreciate a bathrobe-clad woman yelling “POTTY!”.

Dog did not learn “potty” that day.

I bet you were expecting cuss words. Get your mind out of the potty.