In which I post my first blog, evar

So here I am, world.  Makin’ my own blog.  Spiffers.

Random thought of the day:  I had to have “rotor-rootering” of my sinuses last June, after 4 sinus infections in a row and 8 rounds of antibiotics which my body thought was just expensive candy.  The official term is “Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery”.

What part of the surgery was “Functional”?  I would hope that the entire surgery would have been functional, or else I want my money back.

BTW – now my sinuses are super happy.  I smell better, too.  Well, what I mean is my sniffer sniffs better.  I can breathe through my nose better, too.  7 months later and I have only had 1 cold and I got to be sick like a normal person and just bitch and moan and get over it on my own without having to rush to the doctor’s to get an antibiotic prescription or risk getting pneumonia (oh yeah, and dying).  Yep.  Functional.