Magical Pants

A conversation with Hubby at Lunch:

Hubby: (Looking at my pants) “I don’t like those pants”

Me: “Yes, they’re very frumpy”

Hubby: “They’re too… Blue”

Me: “Very ugly”

Hubby: “They look like something your Grandma would wear…”

Me: “And they’re too big for me”

Hubby: “They are not flattering… at all…”

Me: “Yup. I hate them.”

Hubby: “So why are you wearing them??”

Me: “All my clothes are dirty. We need to do laundry”

Hubby: …..(looks at my pants)… “As soon as I get home I’m going to do some laundry”

I thought to myself I can’t wait to get rid of these ugly frumpy pants… then I realized, these pants are magical! These pants make husbands do laundry! I AM SO KEEPING THESE PANTS.